What are your photo booths like?

We have custom designed our Smart Photo Booth. We want to provides a true retro photobooth experience. When you enter one of our  smart photo booths you will be prompted to hit the start button,  after that it will take four pictures about 5 seconds apart, and then step out to receive your photo in a drop box on the side of the Smart Photo Booth. Just like the classic photobooth!

Please Be Careful:

If you are shopping around, we have noticed that other photobooth companies in the Oklahoma area have curtains or a large sectioned off area that they call a "photobooth". You will stand in front of a person with a camera taking your pictures and receive your photos at a table with a printer next to him. To us, this is not a true photobooth; it is a glorified portrait station.

What’s the size of the photos and how many can be printed?

Our Smart photo booths can print more than 60-4x6 prints an hour. Our events average 4 hours and around 250 prints to share. In addition we can personalize your memories and brand your logos/banners on the prints.

Is there a limit on how many prints we can print at my event?

Absolutely not. Its unlimited prints during your event! So no worries.

Is it mobile? Can you bring your photo booth to my house?

We have setup our booth everywhere and anywhere. We only require a regular 110V household power outlet.  The photobooth is about as big as a normal home refrigerator. Then add the curtain and it’s about 7 ft. long. Call us if you think it might be a tight fit. We can come take a look.

My friend had disposable cameras at their party...

With Smart PhotoBooth, you are guaranteed great archival prints every time. Plus, you and your guests will have a party favor to take home to remember the event. How many times have you seen a five year old with a disposable camera taking pictures of his shoes... Count on us to do all the work and leave you with priceless pictures.

Does the photobooth print out photos on the spot?

Yes... But with much higher quality, faster speed and in classic style. There is no ink to dry, smudge or fade — unlike other digital ink jet. This is archival paper we are using. We are happy to say we are GREEN 100% chemical-free — unlike the 50’s old-fashioned photo-booths.

How does the photobooth provide favors  and memories for guests?

With a photo booth strip in they are timeless memories. They will be proud to display the strip anyplace from on their wall to their desk at work. We can give you a high res-copy to share with friends and family. Great for my-space, face-book and and other networking web sites. 

Can we have the details of our event printed on the prints?

We can customize your prints with a custom logo/banner. Have your event details listed on the side of the print out. This is a must for corporate events. Have your name and wedding date printed as well.*

Branding is very important to us, can we use our company logo on the side of the booth?

Yes, we can. Please contact us and give us your dreams and we will help you make them happen. *

Can we get reprints of our event?

Yes, you can just tell us either black and white or color and we will ship them to you*

Will my guest be able to use the photobooth with ease and how long does it take?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3... If they are willing to smile and push a button then the sky is the limit. From start to finish they should be able to get a print under one minute.

What other fun things can I do with my images?

Anything from; Memory books, Scrap-booking, soft-bound books, custom made thank-you notes to mail out, key chains, CDs, customized event posters, and online viewing. Please ask us if you are interested in any of these items.

Do you include a scrap-book for the photo strips?

Yes, we can.* take a look at our packages page.  The photo booth will automatically prints 2 copies-one for your guest and one for your photo memory book. Most other photo booth companies will charge for extra sets.

What happens if the booth stops working?

This is extremely unlikely. Since we designed it and built it, we know the booth inside and out and are able to problem solve VERY quickly.  You will never seen us on the phone asking some one else how to fix any problem. We will never send out a a photobooth attendant that can’t fix the problem.  It is also contractually guaranteed to work at least 95% of time, with a couple minutes here and there to restock paper.

How much does it cost?

We have many different packages to chose from.

How do I reserve my date?

To formally reserve your event date, all we require is a signed contract along with a $100 deposit. This will officially lock in your date and price for your event! You can even pay with pay-pal.

* (extra charges may apply.)